Hayley Jennings: Head of Marketing – Berkeley Eastern Counties

“Instructing The Media People to buy our media for this development was the best choice we made.

They delivered unprecedented results with their combination of online and offline media buying, meticulous media planning and excellent reporting and insights.

The Media People took us from an average of 1 sale per month to 5 sales per month, delivering more sales in a 6 month period than we had in the previous 3 years before they took over”.

THE BRIEF: To increase leads, reservations and ultimately sales at a development that has already been running for 3 years.

THE RESULT: From an average of 1 sale per month over a 3 year period, sales increased to a consistent 5 properties per month.

THE PROCESS: The Media People changed the way media channels were being used. It stopped becoming just a half-page in the local press or a standard 30-second radio commercial. Instead, it became a campaign about better quality and more carefully thought through formats. The success of this campaign was derived through targeting consumers across multiple platforms, by combining editorial with higher impact media formats.