Stel Tzirki

High energy and Experience

Driven by client success and thrives on client challenges, you want Stel on your team because he gives you 100% energy and loves adding value. With over 15 years experience of finding media solutions and producing creative ideas, he has a great way of making the impossible happen and the complicated appear simple.

“The media business is his passion, he loves a list and loves a train journey more…”

Steve Husband

Big ideas from clear thinking

Don’t expect to get the answer you want – Steve will look at your project and have an alternative way of approaching the solution. His client experience gives him an insight that other agencies won’t have and links the expertise of The Media People with your business needs.

“Our vision is simple – It’s all about working with bright people that you respect and producing work that you would be proud of…”

Enza Capodici
Account Director

Value from knowledge

Clients love her passion and media owners respect her style. Enza provides The Media People with insight into trading and media placement, there is no one more excited about saving budget, extra value or things that are free of charge.

“Enza has defined the skill of buying media and singing along to “Kisstory” at the same time – she really “smashes it…”

Amy Cooke
Head of Digital, Insight & Data

Creativity through insight

Provides clarity from which to form understanding and insight, response, measurement, trending analysis, are all Amy’s friends. Amy loves digital media and finding better ways to introduce new media channels into traditional media campaigns and how they work.

“Her passion is caught between the Great British Bake-off and Attribution Modelling – fascinating to go for a drink with…”

Virginia Keltz
Account Director

Delivery on time, Delivery on budget, Delivery with pleasure

Virginia has worked with the core team at The Media People in many guises over the past 10years. Every team needs a Virginia, when someone says that they love their job, Virg takes this to another level with bundles of enthusiasm and passion.
Her mantra to all media owners – “Taten sagen als worte..” – Virginia is a real pleasure to have as our new addition and already adds a calming influence to our daily madness.

Kris Babb
Client Services Director

Driven by delivery and staying out of the rough

Kris has experience of working across a number of agencies and applies his diligence to making sure our day to day runs smoothly. Kris’ analytical approach sets high standards and he manages much of our financial delivery. Kris has a keen interest in swinging… a golf club at the weekend and is active in many other sports including running.

Miranda Howlett
Account Manager

Tears of Laughter

Our wizard at digital media and loves to get under the skin of the google machine. She provides the team with a calm head and a detailed eye, in a very short time Miranda has made herself indispensable and an important part of The Media People.

“Miranda can be seen wiping tears of laughter from her eyes most days, I am not sure that there was a module at university to prepare her for the world of Enza and The Media People…”

Callum Riches
Senior Digital Executive

Half man, half Google

Callum is the true Mowgli of the digital jungle who has extraordinary skills in hunting, tracking, and driving traffic to customer websites. He is “half man half google” brought up as a first generation digital only media protagonist. Callum is studying with the IDM and is constantly testing and developing new digital techniques, working alongside Amy.
Callum has developed his craft through applying an analytical mind – which also proved extremely helpful in the casino after The Media People Christmas party.

Jake Smith
Digital Optimisation Executive

Brings Bletchley Park to The Media People

Jake is no enigma he has significant experience in search optimisation and bid management. A new addition to our team and already making an impact on dealing with day to day Gordian Knots… His passion for code speaks volumes and adds significant weight to our insight team. Jake provides us with a view of the alternative music scene and northern life being a quick witted Scouser.

Emilie Johansen
Account Executive

From Denmark with Love

Emilie described herself as ambitious and since joining the team, her knowledge of the digital market has grown significantly demonstrating her passion for learning new things. She has experience with fashion, journalism and digital media, so adds more depth to content delivery for our clients.

James Tirebuck
Media Account Executive

Ask James about the love of his life and you will hear him wax lyrical about his favourite Fender guitar. From a media owner background, originally working at the Express media group, James has brought passion and character to his agency role, developing relationships and being a great team player.

Joel Rayney
Media Executive

The only way is digital

Having cut his teeth at a previous agency on traditional media, Joel has made the move into our digital media team. He’s enthusiasm and aptitude to learn has already shown his value to underpinning our core proposition, offline, online, he is the person you want working on your business. Joel not only adds a daily insight into TOWIE life but also a youthful outlook to life including fashion inspiration.

Beth Fojtik
Account Executive

A match made in heaven

Introduced to media via a degree in criminology – a match made in heaven. Beth has emerged as one of our brightest new lights, achieving the highest score in her first google exams. She already within her first year is showing maturity in her understanding of the relationship between media habits and customer journey.
Beth is developing super sleuth powers in the “the world of who dunnit” across media measurement and reporting – works closely with Amy developing our attributional modelling…

Bronte Snow
Account Executive

Our very own IT girl

Bronte’s enthusiasm for digital and specifically social media makes her a fantastic team member. Loves to get under the skin of client business helping to produce rich content and social media gold. Her creative writing is really making a difference to audience engagement and her natural passion for social media makes her work standout.

Nick Lawrence
Assistant Account Executive

Wants to make technology sing

Part of our graduate programme, having recently gained an MA in Film and Television Studies from Nottingham University. He has a strong science and maths background, which is proving invaluable in developing his analytical skills within our digital team. He has also demonstrated his boy band credentials at the Christmas party and is a fantastic addition to the team, a future star in many ways.

Katie Pratten
Accounts Assistant

Described by many as a ray of sunshine, Katie has brought a new dimension to TheMediaPeople, with her wit, humour and unfazed approach to whatever the day throws at her. Katie ensures everything and everyone ticks, and the workplace would be very different without her.

Training & Development

We are not only finding new talent, we also continue to invest in our CPD training programme to bring you the highest level of expertise and service. Our business commitment is to continue to work with our employees to meet industry gold standards.

Thanks to all this hard work, our team have gained numerous qualifications including: IDM Professional Diploma in digital marketing, Facebook Blueprint core & planning and Google search, video, mobile & more.

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